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Our Research Promise to You


Some investment research is good, and a lot of it is not. Some is too complex, and some is so detached and theoretical it is unlikely to ever be useful.

How do you deal with that? How do you access consistently innovative and relevant ideas? It’s become clear something needs to change.

Welcome to &i

Redington Ampersand Institute (&i) brings our deep thinking and practical research under one roof.

A guarantee of quality and pioneering research that embraces the detail, but always keeps the context in mind.  So you can sink your teeth into the finer points and maintain an awareness of the bigger picture.

The key to success is not trying to forecast the future, but to offer practical and useable content. It’s content you can make use of.

So, think of &i as our offer to help you make a change. To do things differently and better. To be detailed and clear. To be pioneeringand practical.

It was with these ideals in mind that the Redington Ampersand Institute was born.


“Redington are open, clear and take time to teach people. Your advice demonstrates a clear and systematic process but one which is customised to our needs. We became smarter by working with you.”

Redington client


Our Promise to You

&i will operate within these criteria to ensure content is of the highest standard:

  • Original research
  • Grounded in fact
  • Not predicting markets
  • Not extrapolating the past
  • Beginning by setting the context
  • Clear & logical
  • Actionable outcomes

It’s not our opinion which matters. Key to the success of this institute is delivering research that is valuable to you. We want to know what you want to know.

With this in mind, I encourage you to join the conversation. If this sounds interesting, please complete the form below with any comments, questions or suggestions.

I would love to hear from you, please click here to share your thoughts.

Thank-you for your support and welcome to Redington Ampersand Institute!

Editor & Chair,

Dan Mikulskis