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Is It Too Late to Hedge?

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10-second Summary

Nothing seems to polarise opinion in investment circles more than the level and future direction of interest rates. This is problematic, as moves in long-dated rates have been the main driver of Defined Benefit pension fund financial health over the last decade.
DB pension schemes that hedged their interest rate risks before the summer of 2016 will have had the pain of recent falls in interest rates partly or fully mitigated. But many schemes have not – with long-dated gilt rates now below 2%p.a. have these schemes now missed the boat? Is it too late to hedge? In this piece we take a balanced look at the arguments for and against interest rate hedging at these levels and provide a framework to help all stakeholders move discussions forward.

Can I Buy Generic Xanax Online


Order Xanax Cheap Online

10-second Summary

Certain investors have a primary focus on ‘hunting alpha’. Their aim is to invest for long term asset growth through a focus on high investment returns (and not on liabilities). This has historically lead to equity-heavy portfolios, often actively managed. Over recent years and decades these portfolios have generally done well. However, generating equivalent levels of return from here may be more challenging. Is it possible to go after these kinds of returns without relying on equities, and the skills of equity managers, alone? In this piece we will show how equities can sit alongside other forms of high-returning investments. In particular, how you can combine illiquid and credit-focused asset classes. These combinations create diversified high-returning portfolios. Portfolios which aren’t solely dependent on equities for their returns.

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Collateral Buffer

Buy Xanax Cod Overnight

10-second Summary

Derivatives can be powerful risk management tools for pension schemes, but the amount of assets that need to be held as collateral (to provide a buffer against adverse market movements) needs to be set carefully and monitored regularly as part of the scheme’s overall strategic asset allocation. The amount is likely to be between 26% and 40% of assets, depending on which stage the scheme is in.

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