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Collateral Buffer

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10-second Summary

Derivatives can be powerful risk management tools for pension schemes, but the amount of assets that need to be held as collateral (to provide a buffer against adverse market movements) needs to be set carefully and monitored regularly as part of the scheme’s overall strategic asset allocation. The amount is likely to be between 26% and 40% of assets, depending on which stage the scheme is in.

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Stages of a Pension Schems

Order Alprazolam From India

Every pension scheme is unique. Each differs in its current position, where it is looking to go and also by the constraints it faces.

That said, there are commonalities which can help schemes understand where they are now and prepare for where they go next. Using the language of chess, we believe there are three distinct and progressive stages in which all schemes operate:

  • Opening Game
  • Middle Game
  • End Game

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